Street children

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

koky adel
Street children
The trademark Mr. Kassem Abdou Kassem in his book «Studies in the history of Egypt's Social» About Maqrizi that at the end of the Mamluk era abounded

Popular uprisings of the spread of cost of commodities, but was always biased sultans class people, just as happened in 1263 and the year in 1373 in

The Mamluk era, the first, and also in the year in 1380 and the year in 1506 in the Mamluk era, the second, as there were multiple crises of the scarcity of grain was

Sultans are open Sean grain and wheat and distributed to the public or public distribution of these princes and dignitaries merchants to support them until the end of

Crisis ..

The menopausal years in his book «Badaa'i flowers» The Minister of Finance at that time, was nicknamed Bamahzb, and happened in 1325 that raised public

Calculated on the Badr Eddin Al Aini, after a glorified meat-and-up price (Ptvkirk need this?) And almost Ergmwa public accountant for the intervention

Sultan personally ..

In those times, the index of the country's economic stability is the quality of a loaf of bread and has provided this is not possible in the second half of the rule of the Mamluks,

In 1380 the price of grain and bread could not be a general return of the calculated cried «Agami» and isolate the injury «Demeiri», he did

Sultan in less than two days ..

In 1396 I calculated the Tower sudden lift in prices and the imposition of new taxes to raise resources for the State, despite its knowledge of the low wages (

Ptvkirk a particular person?), So the general grant under the castle and demanded his dismissal, the Sultan, including monitoring of Tower I even got out of his house and stoned him

Stones until he almost dies have been isolated injury ..

In the year 1501 a royal decree to take ten months to complete the property of houses and shops and throughout the Gheitan and Yachts (real estate taxes

God protect us) Vthart public and stoned Atabeg Prince and Prince Tarabey responsible for the age of the tax (it was named «Otabky» not «Ghali» acetic

Alone), and engaged the public with knives in the streets with supporters of princes and chaos to enter the Sultan did away with taxes ..

Mean age limit to speak along the Egyptian Bihbwa those gifts, which is now called the People's sit-ins and protests and longevity of the sultans try

To woo the public and calm the eruptions without cruelty or neglect of their demands on them .. I do not stay is the time you read the history remained the Government?

Select the correct answer to the following two questions:

1 - after that «pollen» Protesters from Hdomanm, and became underwear why the government insists to make the «Wooden of clay and the other is Otin

Of »?

A. Because the President did not give any guidance yet as he did with the heavy traffic

B. Curiosity from the government to know the colors of underwear

C. Misery of waiting for it take off underwear

D. Jbha because the government is very subject of the birth Almatsamp in the street

And found that it is a worthwhile Ouh available on the beds in government hospitals

Moreover people waste time on the h Ainpoho Bewold six friendly

E. Because it is the process of adopting Tourism sit-ins, is now under way for the printing of tickets and tickets to sit idly by.

2 - When the President asked the government for the cause of the sit-ins, you see Do you see what my answer was?

A. De people busy, boss

B. Hawa out at the sea, O Reyes

C. Is when the sit-ins?!

D. What does it mean sit-ins bring you happiness?!

Although we have when you include the God that our government has become an Arab in the rear zero and zero and zero Ingelezy account and zero World Cup

, I believe that the most serious zero

Obtained by the current government is a zero date

.. If this government is good at reading history, I learned that no system has dealt with this Matsamih

Cruelty and neglect dumbest dumb!
Children march in Kiev
Child dressed as an apple-shaped and decorated his vehicle in the form of a basket of fruit
And others sleeping in their original packaging at the rally set up in the Ukrainian capital,

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