Lets us pray for peace in Palestine

From Koky Adel
Lets us pray for peace in Palestine....

If you are driven out of home

And chased through mazes of


For all your life?

Whenever a possibility of putting

together a nest surfaces

Everything is burnt down by rain of fire?

If toys were snatched out of your

innocent childrens' hands

And they were handed grenades


Their delicate-as- petals feet were

forced for life

Onto ways full of thorns?

Having friends of whom expecting

nothing but wounds

And with neighbours who constantly

avoid you

Not even offering night-long shelter

And be expert informers?

Is it at all possible that in this


And inspite of disappointments all


You could keep intact your courage,

Your resolve, enthusiasm, zest?

And keep them intact just for a


If anyone says "yes" to answer these


He must be, dear friend, a Palestinian

And deserving that we bow our head to


May ALLAH bless them

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